ICO Exhibitors And FinTech Companies/Blockchain Tech (Non-ICO) Exhibitors


You will be provided with an Exhibitor Application, which is used to ensure that ICOs that are exhibiting are legitimate and are not scams.  NH Crypto Con does its best to ensure that participants are not subject to scams.    FinTech Companies looking to attract talent and network with Blockchain Entrepreneurs/Developers in the New England Area, as well as Blockchain Tech Exhibitors who aren't displaying an ICO can apply as an Exhibitor here as well.  

IF INTERESTED IN BEING A SPEAKER AT THE EVENT, PLEASE REACH OUT VIA THE FORM AS WELL! We will have a number of YouTube Personalities, Educators, and Entrepreneurs As Speakers, and you can reserve your time slot as well ahead of time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ICO Exhibitors will need links to your whitepaper, website(s), social media profiles (if applicable), and will need to submit proof of identity. 

 If you are interested in exhibiting, etc., please contact us using the contact form below for full information, for your Exhibitor Application, and for full pricing/fee information.  

Exhibitor/Speaker Contact Form

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